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Jade Partners ($5,500 per year)
Contact: Michael Smith, Sr. Account Manager
(800) 848-5061 x8253

Standard Process has been a family-owned leader in whole food nutritional supplements since 1929.

We believe in the whole food health advantage. It started with founder Dr. Royal Lee, and continues under current President & CEO Charlie DuBois.

We cultivate ingredients from seed to soil to supplement, and  the great majority of the raw ingredients we use to make our products are grown on our certified organic farm.

Quality drives everything we do. Our scientists run as many as 1,100 tests every week so that we can be sure what is in the bottle reflects what is on the label.

We recognize the relationship between nutrition and  health. We realize that supplementation works best when provided with professional guidance. That’s why we partner with qualified health care practitioners who deliver a systematic approach to health care

We’re investing in a new era of nutrition science with The Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center (NIC). Headquartered at the North Carolina Research Center in Kannapolis, this first-of-its-kind research inspires innovation, offers clinical insights, and validates our philosophy with scientifically based evidence.

We’ve been on the forefront for more than 90 years, and we’re just getting started. We’re pioneers. We’re innovators. We’re changing lives.

Turquoise Partners ($2,500 per year)

Ayush Herbs is a family-owned, US based herb company designed for physicians and dedicated to combining modern medical science with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Most of our herbs are grown or wild-harvested in the pristine valleys at the base of the Himalayas and are USDA certified organic. We use exhaustive in-house and third-party testing to ensure that we are providing only the purest products. We support local Indian communities by providing a living wage, educational opportunities, health clinics, clean water, and even hydroelectric power. Our formulations were created by the Sodhi brothers, Ayurvedic and naturopathic physicians, and have been validated by 25 years of clinical use.

2239 152nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA, 98155

CanXida, renowned for its premium dietary supplements, focuses on combating candida overgrowth and improving gut health. Our products are the result of decades of expertise in natural health, formulated by experienced clinician. CanXida's commitment extends beyond product development to health education, with the creation of the most comprehensive book on candida, a resource widely utilized by clinicians worldwide. In collaboration with health experts, CanXida continually develops educational materials and therapeutic programs, contributing significantly to the field of integrative medicine.

For more information:

Call Us: +1 (888) 508-3171 Mon–Fri 9am – 10pm ET & Sat–Sun 8am – 5pm ET

Email Us: 24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat:

Resources for practitioners:

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Civic Center Pharmacy

7331 E. Osborn Drive, Ste 208
Scottsdale, AZ   85251
Phone:  480.945.9519
Fax:  480.945.9854

Ari Schafer, RPh opened Civic Center Pharmacy at its current Old Town Scottsdale location in 1996. Ari envisioned a pharmacy that was devoted to the needs of individual patients. He believed that medicine was not “one-size-fits-all” and understood that compounding offered the best option for patients who desired better outcomes than they derived through the use of commercially available medications alone.

Since the late 1990’s, Civic Center Pharmacy has offered both Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding services to the Greater Phoenix area. Over the past several years, Civic Center Pharmacy has grown from just 7 employees to the 15 we currently employ, and we recently expanded our facilities to better meet the needs of our of patients. Our growth can be attributed to the outstanding reputation we have developed among both patients and providers throughout Phoenix and beyond. We are now licensed in over 30 States, a testament to our ever-growing reputation.

Our friend Ari passed away in April, 2014 after a 5-year long battle with cancer. His legacy of offering customized care to patients, providing a high-quality compound at a reasonable price, and delivering outstanding customer service will always remain the focus at Civic Center Pharmacy.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions

Ryan Bell
Practice Development Specialist
Evexias Health Solutions / Farmakeio
Serving Arizona
Direct phone: (785) 317-3688

We collaborate with like-minded and like-hearted people in the spirit of abundance and invest wisely to increase our capacity, expand our reach and appreciate our patients and partners.
As we like to say about our partner providers: “Do well by doing good.”
We want our practitioners to have a thriving business monetarily by providing the absolute best service and the best up-to-date medicine for their patients.
We believe you should be able to partner with a company in more ways than one as no single clinic is the same.
Our ability to offer multiple pricing solutions encourages our practices to grow!
We know that each stage of a clinic has different needs so we have different training options to specifically meet YOU where you’re at. Our unique ability and willingness to create customized partnership and pricing based on your needs separates us from anyone in the market.



At INNATE Response™ we share your belief that nothing is more important than restoring your body’s innate ability to heal. To that end, we develop nutrient rich supplements that embrace the wholism of nature, helping you achieve optimal health.

INNATE Response™ nutrients are made with whole foods to provide essential vitamins and minerals that are easy-to-digest and gentle on the body, even when taken on an empty stomach.

Integrative Therapeutics

Call (800) 931-1709 or visit us at

About Integrative Therapeutics

Located in Green Bay, WI, Integrative Therapeutics  ( is a leading manufacturer and distributor of science-based nutritional supplements committed exclusively to healthcare professionals. Integrative develops unique formulations that can be safely and effectively integrated with diet and lifestyle recommendations for improved patient health. For over 35 years, the company’s dedication to social responsibility and charitable giving has been evidenced by their commitment to supporting medical schools, community clinics, and professional associations. In partnership with their Medical Advisory Board, Integrative has developed professional tools, educational resources, and patient-centered therapeutic programs to help cultivate healthy practices and advance the field of integrative medicine.


Jigsaw Health

15863 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop Ste 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Main Phone: (480) 951-0840
Fax: (480) 951-0801
Toll-Free: (866) 601-5800


Jigsaw Health offers premium dietary supplements, with a special focus on Sustained Release Technology (SRT) that controls the release of active ingredients (ie. magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin b) so absorption happens over time — as the body requires — instead of all at once. We have an Affiliate program, as well as a Wholesale Discount program for Healthcare Professionals.

14001 University Avenue
Clive, Iowa 50325
Contact: Lesley Dolan
Phone: 1-800-952-9935
Fax: 1-800-996-2642


Did You Know?? State Association or AANP Members Get a 5% Premium Discount at NCMIC!

You can receive a 5% premium discount on your new or renewing policy simply by presenting your State Association or AANP membership card.

That’s in addition to the other premium discounts NCMIC offers naturopathic physicians, including discounts for remaining claims-free and for being a new practitioner. It’s just one of the many ways NCMIC supports you and the naturopathic profession.

NCMIC Insurance protects holistic healthcare professionals for over 75 years, including Naturopathic Doctors who weren’t satisfied with their insurance options. Always striving to do the right thing for our policyholders at every opportunity, even when it means paving the way.  We’ve watched the professions we serve evolve over the decades, which means our expertise is rooted in years of experience and history.

Whether it’s malpractice insurance, business insurance, credit card processing, equipment loans, or any of our other financial and insurance products, we provide Naturopathic Doctors with the thoughtful solutions they need to grow their businesses.

And we don’t just provide products — we also actively support the industries we serve. AANP named NCMIC Insurance Company as Corporation of the Year 2021.  NCMIC supports many state associations, state licensure grants, funds research and education supporting the naturopathic profession.


Get Your Quote here:

Provunia, Inc.
Contact: Jae Lee
Phone: 1-800-568-2982

Over 150 chronic degenerative diseases are related to the disruption of cellular calcium homeostasis, which happens naturally with aging-related bone loss ushered by hormonal changes and a sedentary lifestyle. This displaced calcium overloads cellular calcium reservoirs and causes mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and calcium signaling breakdown, leaving our body vulnerable to diseases.  For the first time, Pronuvia's innovative AIC Therapy (Antiorbital Ionic Calcium Therapy) triggers a cascade of hormonal responses to restore calcium homeostasis, strengthening trillions of cells to fight back.  Utilizing innovative antiorbital chemical bonding, AIC calcium is absorbed sufficiently in a free ionic state through the stomach without the help of Vitamin D, unlike any other calcium absorption whether from diet and supplements, which enter our body in the protein-bound form and cannot trigger the same physiological responses as AIC. By triggering ionic-calcium-sensitive physiological responses, AIC therapy is unique in counteracting the root cause of diseases from cellular to the systemic level.  Please visit to find out the science and application of antiorbital ionic calcium.

112 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA   15275
Phone : (888) 737-6925

Fax : (877) 737-6925

Dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives Seroyal is a natural pharmaceutical company, dedicated for over 25 years to assisting healthcare practitioners restore, rebuild and maintain patient health. For increased patient retention, compliance and efficacy, Seroyal offers the unda®, GENESTRA BRANDS™ and Pharmax product lines. To help attain better patient results, the Seroyal Continuing Education program is committed to providing world-class, clinically relevant information that can be immediately integrated with existing modalities for a complete, holistic approach.

US BioTek Laboratories
16020 Linden Avenue North
Shoreline, WA   98133
Telephone: 206.365.1256
Fax:  206.363.8790
Toll Free:  1.877.318.8728

US BioTek Laboratories, Inc. is a state and federally licensed medical testing facility.  Our dedicated team of experienced scientists and technicians utilize stringent QC/QA measures to ensure consistent and reliable test results.  Our fully automated ELISA platform supports specific -IgA/IgE/IgG antibody assessments for culturally diverse Foods, Inhalants, and Candida and Celiac panels.  All immunoassays are run in complete duplicate to ensure precision.  Specific-IgA and IgG are available through dried blood spot collection.  Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants are available through dried urine spot collection and performed through GC/MS.  Urinary Steroid Hormones from a 24-hour collection are performed through LC/MS/MS.  External proficiency testing is carried out quarterly.  All specimens can be easily shipped at room temperature.  Serving the World.

Vestra Labs
Vestra Labs CA
2432 W. Peoria Ave., Ste. 1327
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Main: 602-334-1390

For more than ten years, Matt Nagelbush, founder, and Co-owner of Vestra Labs, believes and stands by his motto of “Patients over Profit”. This means his team of medical professionals will provide the  highest quality patient care by offering doctors and patients in home phlebotomy and diagnostic services. We offer early morning appointments starting at 5am for those patients with fasting labs and for those patients where their schedule does not coincide with any lab service center.

Vestra Labs provides competitive cash pay prices for patients without insurance or with high deductibles. This allows patients to have the tests they need completed to ensure they are taking care of their health.

Vestra Labs CA provides mobile diagnostic services for those patients who are unable to leave their home for certain procedures.

Some of these services include:

*Monoclonal Treatments

*ABIs (Padcheck)

*EKG’s (Continuous Halter Monitor & 12 Lead)

*DM Education and Screening

*IV Services

*Vaccinations and Boosters

Coming soon we will have Echocardiograms, Bone Density Testing and Ultrasounds!

Please contact Angela Nagelbush or Denise Ecove for more information or to set up a time for them to come visit your office.

Women's International Pharmacy
2 March Court | Madison, WI   53718
Ph: 608.221.7800
Fax:  608.221.7819

12012 N. 111th Ave. | Youngtown, AZ   85363
Ph:  623.214.7700
Fx:  623.214.7708

Ph:  800.279.5708 | Fx:  800.279.8011 |

As an experienced healthcare provider you understand patients do not present with a “one size fits all” list of symptoms. Women’s International Pharmacy’s pharmacists focus on meeting individual needs for licensed medical practitioners and their patients.

Women’s International Pharmacy specializes in custom compounded bioidentical hormone prescriptions for men and women. Following stringent proficiency and quality assurance standards earned Women’s International Pharmacy accreditation through the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). Whether you are a practitioner or patient you can be assured Women’s International Pharmacy is here for you and we respect your choice to use compounded medications. Give us a call, we’ve been expecting you!


Topaz Partners ($1,500 per year)

Aegis Insurance Associates

Bruce Hancock and Lyle Cheeney

16573 N. 92nd Street Suite 140
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 991-0308
Fax: (480) 991-7123


Aegis Insurance Associates, LLC provides insurance products to the Naturopathic Community. Although we specialize in medical malpractice insurance, we also offer Personal Home & Auto, Medical Office business owners, Workman’s Compensation, Data Breach, Rack Audit, Life/Health and many other types of insurance coverage.

Our ND Pro Pak insurance coverage is specifically designed for the Naturopathic Physician. Our policy provides the broadest coverage available in the marketplace and is offered at a price level which all Naturopathic Physicians can afford.

In addition to the insurance products offered, we pride ourselves in offering the best service possible. We have numerous affiliations with professional Legal, Accounting, and Risk Management people from whom we can request assistance when these types of services are needed.

CALL US NOW to claim a 10% discount when you purchase medical malpractice insurance from us.  This discount is only offered to Naturopaths who are in good standing as a member of the AzNMA.

9953 SW Arctic Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005
503.292.7272 ph
877.686.7325 toll free

Mountain Peak Nutritionals® (MPN) was conceived in fall 1995, during a Colorado Association of Naturopathic Physicians (CoANP) membership meeting. Associates were brainstorming on ways to raise money for state lobbyists working to help establish a naturopathic licensure law. Dr. Jim Massey ND, owner and formulator of MPN, was in private practice but had experience formulating supplements for different companies. Colleagues suggested that maybe Jim would formulate a comprehensive multivitamin that all the members could purchase and offer in their own practices, and he would designate $2.00 per bottle sold towards the licensure fund-raising effort. In 1996 MPN’s Ultra High multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant formula went on the market, and was extremely well received by both practitioners and patients. As a result, a substantial sum was donated to the CO state licensure effort, and the seed was planted for the Mountain Peak Nutritionals® supplement brand.

Dr. Jim identified a very real need in the natural health market as his patients continually expressed interest in an alternative to having to purchase three or four bottles and ingesting a plethora of pills several times a day, as well as the high costs associated to purchasing so many supplements. Ultimately, stepped away from private practice and turned Mountain Peak Nutritionals® into a fully realized supplement brand offering a full complement of Condition Specific Formulas®. MPN supplements blend the most beneficial and clinically recognized ingredients into combination formulas that help address the health concerns commonly seen by doctors every day in their practice.

Mountain Peak Nutritionals® is a true naturopathic company committed to creating the highest quality supplements containing the most pure, bioavailable and clinically proven ingredients. We judiciously choose only those raw materials that provide the utmost standards of manufacturing processes and laboratory quality assurance. The Ultra High multivitamin remains as a cornerstone in our current product line, which has grown to 32 different Condition Specific Formulas®. Formulations are based on current scientific literature, clinical studies and nutritional research. Our premium supplements are user- friendly, cost effective and result in better patient outcomes.

Woody Aghnatios
Office: 714.676.7291
Mobile: 562.682.4317

OptionOne Lab is dedicated to improving clinical and operational quality to Naturopathic Doctors. OptionOne Lab provides a state of the art EHR software (Zero Cost for AZNMA members) that offers streamlined, efficient ways to order 3,800 lab tests and panels discounted up to 90%. Our services are specifically designed for "cash pay" and patients with "high deductible" insurance. NDs are able to receive lab results with Patient Charts, Scheduling, and Marketing features. OptionOne Lab gives back to the community by donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the St. Joseph Foundation. Our lab service provider is Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

Senergy Medical Group
Rev. Karla Bass
Phone: 214-886-8809 or 214-714-2524

Senergy Medical Group is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Tennant Biomodulator® devices and accessories designed and used by Jerry Tennant MD. Dr. Tennant is the owner and director of  the medical practice - Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine.  Patients travel from around the world to have medical consultations and Biomodulator training from Dr. Tennant.

In cooperation with Jerry Tennant MD, Senergy Medical Group was created to help integrate traditional medicine with current energetic medicine technology by providing training and technical support for the Tennant Biomodulator® devices.  As a result, Senergy Medical Group has become a leader in the field of technology for advancement and support of integrative medicine worldwide.

Senergy is dedicated to the validation and promotion of emerging medical technologies and therapies that result in individuals' better health and well-being. Through ongoing research and development opportunities, combined teams of researchers, physicians, scientists and engineers continue to create and provide powerful advances in this exciting new technology and therapy.

By using Dr. Tennant’s approach to wellness, Senergy introduces healthy alternatives by embracing balance, nutrition and exercise, as well as, providing resources for all aspects of health such as physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and environmental.

(S)ENERGY is about Healing the Body with its own energy.

Your Arizona representative for Senergy Medical Group and Dr. Tennant is Vice President, Rev. Karla Bass. She can be reached at 214-886-8809, 214-714-2524 and at

Pierce Dyer

Professional Liability Department

National Program Manager - Naturopathic Medical Malpractice

Sprague Israel Giles, Inc.  

1501 4th Avenue Suite 730 

Seattle WA  98101

Direct 206.957.7051      Office 206.623.7035      Toll Free 800.526.0635     Fax 206.682.4993


Better Malpractice Insurance from Sprague Israel Giles, Inc.

Founded in 1958, Seattle-based Sprague Israel Giles (SIG) has always been known as an innovative and progressive insurance brokerage firm.

A decade ago, SIG realized that Naturopathic Doctors were practicing therapeutic modalities that were not covered by existing insurance policies. So SIG partnered with NDs to design a comprehensive insurance policy that respects naturopathic medicine as a unique profession with unique insurance needs.

For example, SIG’s Malpractice and Professional Liability Program provides superior coverage for virtually all invasive procedures, including Stem Cell Therapy; Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy; Prolotherapy, Ozone Therapy, and Prolozone; aesthetic procedures such as Botox and Dermal Filler Injections, and many more. The policy provides liability coverage for HIPAA violations and allegations of sexual abuse. Plus, for NDs maintaining electronic medical records, SIG provides data breach and cyber-liability coverage.

Coverage is underwritten by a multi-billion-dollar, A+ rated carrier, with decades of experience insuring NDs, MDs, Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Medical Spas, and many other Medical Professionals.

SIG insures a rapidly growing number of NDs nationally, in both licensed and non-licensed states.


LEVEL 1: Student Membership ($25.00 per year)

Option 1- Recurring Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 2 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.

LEVEL 1: Supporting Membership ($25.00 per year)

Option 1- Recurring Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 2 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.

LEVEL 2: First-Year Doctors ($60.00 per year)

One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.

LEVEL 2: Second-Year Doctors ($120.00 per year)

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2 - Quarterly Charge for One Year Only: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.

LEVEL 2: Third-Year Doctors ($240.00 per year)

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2 - Quarterly Charge for One Year Only: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.

LEVEL 2: Out-Of-State Physicians ($205.00 per year)

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2- Recurring Annual Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 3 - Recurring Quarterly Charge: You will be charged quarterly.

LEVEL 2: Retired Physicians ($205.00 per year)

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2- Recurring Annual Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 3 - Recurring Quarterly Charge: You will be charged quarterly.

LEVEL 3: Practicing AZ Physicians ($350.00 per year) - NOTE: $360.00 per year if billed monthly

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2- Recurring Annual Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 3 - Recurring Quarterly Charge: You will be charged quarterly.
Option 4 - Recurring Monthly Charge: You will be charged monthly.

LEVEL 4: Featured Practicing AZ Physicians ($650.00 per year)

Option 1 - One-Time Charge: Your membership will expire a year from the date of purchase.
Option 2- Recurring Annual Billing: Automatically renew your membership after 1 year.
Option 3 - Recurring Quarterly Charge: You will be charged quarterly.

LEVEL 5: Corporate Sponsorship

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